With the government prepared to help automakers boost sales and move cars out of their dealerships through incentives programs, automakers are giving consumers a little push of their own now, with some massive incentives on new cars coming into place. Just recently, Chrysler unveiled its own 'Double CA$H for Your Old Car' scheme that emulated the government’s own 'cash for clunkers' programs, and now luxury German marque BMW is following suit with its own incentives program for two of its new diesel models.

The scheme being run by BMW will see consumers given a $4,500 'Eco Credit' to purchase a new 335d or an X5 xDrive35d model. BMW is taking the stance that as an environmentally responsible company it wants to reward American drivers for being more fuel efficient by providing incentives on its most fuel efficient cars, but we have a sneaking suspicion the incentive may have something more to do with the less than optimal sales of luxury diesel cars in the U.S. so far.

Nevertheless, the scheme should prove attractive to buyers coming out of the financial crisis, and may just be the decisive factor in affecting consumer choices when it comes time to buy their luxury vehicle. Additionally, BMW points out that both diesel vehicles that fall under the scheme are eligible for tax credits of up to $1,800, bringing their real prices down even further.