Custom-tuned turbocharged four-cylinder hatches are pretty common fare anywhere in the world. But it's not every day that a handful of young apprentices at one of the world's biggest carmakers turn out a car that turns heads like the Golf GTI Street

Built around a heavily modified 2.0L TFSI engine, the apprentices also packaged some other sophisticated gear into the street-mod GTI. A coilover suspension kit is a must-have for the category, but it also features a hydraulic ride height adjustment - a first for the GTI.

Beyond the performance and suspension mods, the team - four young men aged 19-22 - also fit 19in wheels with 225-width tires and brakes adapted from the famed R32. A completely black-and-white treatment inside and out plus some custom badge work wrap up the GTI Street's unique design.

The car was built for exhibition at the 2009 Wörthersee Tour, and will be on display alongside the Polo GTI Concept revealed yesterday. For more on the standard Mark VI GTI, check out our coverage here.