There's something about a lowered Mercedes Benz S-Class with a bodykit that just looks sinister, and while there are some examples out there that can seem downright cruel others, such as this example from MEC Design, are much more pleasing to the eye.

With one of the most comprehensive customization jobs we've seen in a while, the staff at MEC Design have not left one aspect of the S-Class’ exterior untouched, right down to their custom designed wheel spacers. The customization list begins with unique wheels that range from 18 to 22in and alone cost up to $13,000.

Other modifications include a custom front apron, a redesigned rear bumper, a new rear spoiler and side-skirts fitted with LED lights, which altogether will set you back $9,700. With the new bodykit in place the car already sits much lower to the ground than the stock version, but an electronic lowering module gets it another 70mm closer.

To match the new aggressive look, MEC Design also offers upgraded front and rear mufflers with a special 'Loud' option for the S63 AMG model. Customers can also opt to have the 155mph speed limiter removed, as well as uprated brakes and performance tires.

Finally, a smorgasbord of interior adjustments is available, including a rear desk and curtains. Other goodies include custom steering wheels and unique trim elements across the dash.