The Nissan GT-R first went on sale in Japan in December of 2007 and since then has undergone a series of minor updates to arrive at the current 2010 model year ‘Series II’ specification. During this time we’ve also seen the introduction of the lighter and stiffer SpecV model, which itself brought a whole series of new upgrades for the Nissan supercar.

Some of the upgrades to the standard GT-R model included things like suspension adjustments to improve road handling and driver feedback, a 5hp (4kW) bump in power, and changes to the car’s gearbox control software to boost acceleration and improve reliability.

So far Nissan has offered customers the electronic upgrades at no extra cost but now the company is also offering some of the mechanical changes as a retrofit upgrade. The upgrade is only available in Japan so far and customers will be charged between ¥494,000 and ¥532,000 (approximately $5,146 to $5,543) for the different packages.

The upgrade includes Billstein shock absorbers (front and rear), new springs, a transverse link bush, new engine mounts, and a new transmission mount.

Nissan for the first time will also offer its Japanese customers the opportunity to install some SpecV components on the regular model GT-R. The available parts include the six-spoke 20in Rays forged aluminum wheels, Recaro carbon-fiber bucket seats, titanium exhaust system, and custom reservoir tank. There has been no announcement as to whether these upgrades will be available to customers outside of Japan but a number of resellers are already shipping many of the OEM components to willing buyers around the globe.
Via: GTRBlog