In a new case of a driver having more dollars than sense, or in this instance more Euros, a 23-year old man in Germany managed to shutdown a highway when an envelope full of cash he was carrying sprayed all over the road. The man was out testing an Audi A3 Cabrio and carelessly left the envelope of cash, which amounted to more than €23,000, on the backseat.

While driving with the roof down, the money got caught up in the wind and before the driver knew it was littered all over the highway. When he realised his costly error, he called the police, who closed down the highway (in both directions) during the hunt for the notes, reports the Associated Press.

Fortunately for the careless driver, the envelope contained high-denomination €500 notes and after a day of searching 40 or the 46 notes were found. This means that he only lost €3,000 in the end, however, police are now considering whether to charge a fee for the search, which caused massive traffic delays in both directions.