Devoted Porsche owners have given the brand the top ranking in a survey designed to figure out which brand and model of car most new car buyers would recommend to other potential purchasers. The survey, which was given to around 25,000 people who had bought cars between September and December 2008, asked the simple question of whether or not purchasers would recommend their new vehicle to a friend or relative.

The respondents were given just three choices: 'Yes, definitely', 'Yes, with reservations', or 'No'. Based on these rankings Porsche managed to come out on top, with around 91% of Porsche customers saying that they would recommend their vehicles to a friend or relative.

The survey, conducted by a company known as AutoPacific, also determined what America's most recommended cars were in each segment, with some surprising results. Interestingly, European manufacturers were relatively hard to find on the list with Japan dominating the passenger vehicle segment and Detroit winning a number of categories in the light truck/SUV segment.

The full list of cars can be found below, but it is interesting to note that the Infiniti G37 was the most recommended model of all, with 95% of its purchasers happy to recommend it to friends and relatives. In terms of passenger cars, offerings from Toyota (which also managed to win the mysterious 'Image Compact' title with its Prius) and Nissan dominated, but there was room for the Chevrolet Corvette to take out the prize for premium sports car.

On the two lists, Land Rover and Volkswagen were the only European models to win any categories, and luxury stalwarts such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi were surprisingly absent from the list - indicating that customers were a little less than thrilled compared to their Japanese and Detroit-buying counterparts.

Most recommended brand: Porsche
Most recommended Passenger cars:
Premium Luxury Car - Lexus LS
Executive Luxury Car - Jaguar XF
Aspirational Luxury Car - Infiniti G37 (most recommended – 95%)
Large Car - Toyota Avalon
Luxury Mid-Size Car - Lexus ES
Premium Mid-Size Car - Toyota Camry
Mid-Size Car - Volkswagen Jetta
Image Compact Car - Toyota Prius
Mainstream Compact Car - Subaru Impreza
Economy Car - Honda Fit
Premium Sports Car - Chevrolet Corvette
Sports Car - Nissan 350Z
Sporty Car - Ford Mustang

Most recommended Light trucks:
Large Light-Duty Pickup - Ford F-150
Large Heavy-Duty Pickup - Ford F-Super Duty
Compact Pickup - Toyota Tacoma
Luxury Sport Utility - Lincoln Navigator
Large Sport Utility - GMC Yukon XL
Premium Mid-Size Sport Utility - Toyota 4Runner
Mid-Size Sport Utility - Dodge Nitro
Compact SUV/Off-Road Vehicle - Jeep Wrangler
Luxury Crossover SUV - Land Rover LR2
Large Crossover SUV - Ford Flex
Premium Mid-Size Crossover SUV - Ford Edge
Mainstream Mid-Size Crossover SUV - Honda CR-V
Compact Crossover SUV - Honda Element
Minivan - Toyota Sienna