General Motors revealed in its latest viability plan that it will cut more than 21,000 jobs and reduce its total number of assembly, powertrain, and stamping plants in the U.S. from 47 last year to just 31 by 2012, but the company is still in talks with Toyota about sourcing a new model to replace the Pontiac Vibe. The compact hatch is essentially a rebadged Toyota Matrix and is built at the shared New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI) plant in California.

Speaking with Automotive News, Pontiac spokesman Jim Hopson said GM is in talks with Toyota and NUMMI itself to determine another vehicle to be produced there. "We're clearly not backing away from our partnership at NUMMI. There's no issue of us backing away from NUMMI," he said.

Hopson confirmed that GM won’t keep the Vibe on under a different brand but failed to reveal what Toyota model GM would replace it with. If a new model can be found it will be sold under one of GM’s remaining four core brands – most likely Chevrolet.

GM and Toyota have been building vehicles at the NUMMI site since 1984. Today, Toyota builds its Tacoma pickup at the site, while GM builds the Vibe.