Watches and cars have shared a long history together. Something about the kindred spirit of precision, style and function of both endeavors finds an overlapping fanbase. Few watches exhibit that cross-pollination better than the Meccaniche Veloci Quattro Valvole CCM - a carbon-ceramic watch built in collaboration with famed brake maker Brembo.

Featuring four independent Swiss movements set into a high-tech carbon ceramic face, the CCM combines form with function in a nod to the four-valve arrangement of modern racing engines. The crown is hand-polished titanium and each face can be had in red, yellow, black or silver color. Straps can be had in a high-tech polymer or black alligator skin.

Built entirely in Italy of limited-edition pieces - the carbon ceramic face, for instance, is custom cut with a 5,000 bar waterjet - the watch is priced to match its exclusive nature, starting at $15,500.

Despite its complex and high-tech construction, the watch's operation is stunningly simple. Winding is accomplished by a simple wrist motion, and a single knob controls the adjustment for each ETA 2671 Swiss mechanical movement.
Via: Gizmag