Some of you may remember our story about the downfall of Lamborghini's star Orange County dealership, which was at one time responsible for selling one out of every twenty Lamborghini models in the world. Now that the court case of its owner Viken Keuylian has been wrapped up, with the crooked dealer admitting to defrauding Volkswagen Credit Inc. of between $6 million and $20 million, some strange details about his activities are emerging - including the fact that he sold a brand-new Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 for just $60,430.

So why would anyone sell a car that retails for close to $400,000 for the paltry sum of just $60,000? Apparently to pay off debts from a number of failing side ventures, including other automobile dealerships, a vineyard and other commercial property.

On top of the ridiculously under-priced LP-640, Keuylian also sold 53 other cars at massive discounts, many of them with over $100,000 taken off their price tags. Most of these cars were paid for with loans, but instead of paying back the loans from the proceeds of the sales Keuylian pleaded guilty to using the money to pay off his own personal debts.

Most of the cars found their way into the hands of other auto dealers and auctions, and currently 14 of the cars have been impounded by the FBI pending further investigation. Currently, Keuylian faces a maximum prison sentence of up to 30 years - a far cry from his previous lifestyle as a supercar-owning, celebrity-shoulder-rubbing Lamborghini dealer.