Volkswagen is in the process of developing some hot new models as a part of its performance-oriented 'R-line' range of models, but so far not all of these models have been confirmed for U.S. sale. VW, however, is considering whether or not it’s worth bringing the Tiguan R-Line, as well as certain other R-Line models to the U.S., but for now no decision has been made yet.

Similar to Audi’s S line range of performance accessories, VW’s R-line includes several different exterior and interior accessories for owners who want to customize their cars. Until now, the “R” label was reserved for high-performance cars such as the Golf R32 or the new Passat R36. But thanks to the new R line, the rest of the VW range can get that sporty look and feel without the associated costs of the more expensive R models.

A VW spokesman revealed to Edumnds that while "the R Line Tiguan is under consideration" for a U.S. introduction, the company is "also looking at other R models" but that for the time being everything was still "in the investigation stage".

R-Line models are constructed by VW’s 'Individual' branch, a team of engineers and designers that focus on making special models. In the case of the Tiguan R-Line, which should be hitting certain European markets within the next few months, the R-Line variant will feature a front splitter, larger wheels and a small rear spoiler, as well as a custom sports steering wheel and a smattering of 'R' logos.