Another day, another wacky UK speed camera ticket. This time, a young woman was busted for driving 37mph in a 30mph zone. The catch? The car was parked, and the woman was asleep in her house at the time.

After a car triggered a speed camera but wasn't caught in the frame, an operator noted the only license number in the image and sent the ticket out anyway. It almost sounds too stupid to be true, but the Merseyside Police issued a £60 speeding fine, and didn't realize the problem with ticketing a parked car until Emily Davies, a 19-year-old, pointed out the inanity of it all, reports The Daily Mail.

Once made aware of their error, the police fixed the situation and issued an apology. But the underlying problem - speed camera operators with little accountability and no oversight - hasn't been addressed at all.

If the case of Tex O'Reilly and his impossibly fast Lotus Elise didn't call out for a re-examination of the use of the cameras, Davies' case surely does. How many drivers out there have simply paid the ticket, afraid to challenge the summons issued, when in fact they were blameless? Even one is too many, but it seems likely to be a far greater number.