Celebrating an anniversary with a timepiece is a classic tradition, one symbolic of the years that have led to the moment. Audi's celebration of its 100th anniversary is no different, capturing the moment with a custom watch built in cooperation with Chronoswiss.

The watch, called 'Tachoscope', features an Audi Design exterior with precision C. 125 caliber mechanism and a handful of special functions, including a unique configuration that leaves only the minute had attached to the center of the dial.

Separate inset dials handle the hour and second functions, leaving more room for the stop-watch and tachometer functions of the device. That's right: this watch measures speed as well as time. Only appropriate for an Audi watch.

But the functionality of the Tachoscope isn't its only special aspect: the design itself aspires to artwork. A genuine enamel coating and numerals inspired by the instrumentation legendary Audi-designed Auto Union race cars of the 1930s, especially the Type C Grand Prix car, give the Tachoscope a decidedly automotive flair.

The crown of the watch is also designed in the shape of a gearwheel, while the back of the watch is clear, allowing the internal mechanism to be seen when not worn. An engraving marking the anniversary is also visible through the glass casement.

Only 100 of the units will be made, one for each year of Audi's existence. Sixty-five of the watches will be made in white gold, and another 35 will be made in platinum. The white-gold watches will start at €14,900 ($20,171), while the rarer and more precious platinum specimens will bring €24,900 ($33,709).