Chrysler has come out with its second sales plea in as little two weeks, urging dealers to order more than 15,000 cars by Monday to keep the company viable. Not one to mince his words, Chrysler co-president Jim Press told dealers over a conference call that they basically have two choices: "You can either help us or burn us all down."

The Chrysler exec also warned dealers: "If you decide not to do that, we've got a good memory of who helped this company make it."

Roughly 70% of Chrysler’s dealers took action following the company’s first plea late last month to order 78,000 vehicles they had been allocated for February. Chrysler is now desperate to keep the cash flow coming until the middle of this month when the firm is expected to meet again with the U.S. Treasury and prove its case for viability, reports Automotive News.

"By successfully keeping the doors open in January and February, we'll get the loan," Press told the dealers. Importantly, if Chrysler cannot convince Treasury officials that it can remain viable then the loans will be called back. The Treasury is scheduled to make its decision by March 31.

Unfortunately, Chrysler’s U.S. sales have fallen by more than 50% a month for the past two months and many of its dealers are struggling. As some solace, Press told dealers that if the company can make it though this “rough patch” then it would eventually be able to offer a range of new fuel-efficient models borrowed from Fiat, referring to the proposed alliance being forged with the Italian firm.