The Japan Automobile Manufacturers' Association (JAMA) is still deciding whether or not to cancel this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, currently scheduled for October, but with a string of carmakers confirming their non-attendance the show’s current status is looking grim. America’s Detroit 3 carmakers have already announced plans to forgo the event and now Volvo has done the same.

"We have evaluated our participation at motor shows for 2009 to see how we can make the most out of our resources, and this year we decided not to participate at Tokyo," Volvo spokeswoman Maria Bohlin told Automotive News.

The final decision on whether or not to postpone the show will be made early next month, JAMA's executive director and secretary general, Toshihiro Iwatake, confirmed. He also revealed that if the show was canceled, it wouldn’t run again until 2011 due to scheduling agreements with other major auto shows.

So far all of the major German carmakers and all of the Japanese members of JAMA have registered for the show.