The rolling Corvette ZR1 chassis that was originally scheduled to be sold at this year's Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction has reportedly been pulled from the auction without any reason given. One possibility is that the chassis may have already been sold or donated by General Motors.

The rolling chassis featured the ZR1’s 6.2L supercharged LS9 engine, as well as a full suspension set-up, wheels and tires and a very minimalist amount of interior elements. According to previous auction materials, the chassis may not be titled or licensed, hinting that it could have been a pre-production vehicle or even a display-only model built for use at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show as part of a technology showcase.

The chassis, incidentally, was one of the 250-plus GM Heritage Collection vehicles that were to be scheduled at the auction.

All is not lost as more vehicles from the GM Heritage Collection will be sold at other Barrett-Jackson auctions, including one at the Palm Beach collector car auction later this year.