The UAW is reportedly seeking a major stake in General Motors as well as a seat on its board in return for making concessions under the carmaker’s latest restructuring proposal presented to Congress last week. The latest news contradicts statements from UAW president Ron Gettelfinger, who during last week’s Congress meeting revealed that unions would make the changes without any strings attached.

Speaking recently with Automotive News, Gettelfinger declined to comment when asked if the union was open to exchanging equity for additional wage and benefit concessions but said that decision would have to be made by the national councils.

Meanwhile, the president of UAW Local 2404 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Marc McQuillen, told members via the local’s website that the union is willing to reopen a health care agreement and give up the controversial Jobs Bank if it will help GM. McQuillen also revealed that the UAW will offer another round of buyouts next year if GM receives the bailout package. Such a move would allow GM to hire new workers at significantly lower wage rates.

In Europe it is common for union officials to preside on the boards of the carmakers they are employed by. This is especially the case in countries like Germany where unions often get up to 20 seats on supervisory boards thanks to legislation.