Ford's drive for a new-generation of 'global' vehicles will receive a boost with the unveiling of a new model at next month's Detroit Auto Show, which will reportedly showcase the company’s latest global design theme. According to Ford's design chief, J. Mays, the new model is not part of a "next-generation design language", but rather an indicator of Ford's "post-kinetic” global design DNA.

Speaking with Automotive News, Mays revealed that the new design will essentially be an evolution of the current ‘kinetic’ design philosophy used on cars like the Fiesta and Mondeo.

While dynamic and eye-catching designs are required in smaller segments such as that which the Fiesta comes under, Mays confirmed that the design for the new model will be "a little more simple" and "a little more elegant", but it will still have the "best attributes" of the Kinetic design language. He also revealed that the new model is still more than a year away from production, and that the same design philosophy will be used for the next versions of the Focus and Fusion.

While there a few possibilities as to what model will be the vessel for displaying its global design DNA, there is significant evidence to show that it will be the much anticipated 2010 Ford Taurus - a car that has had a tumultuous history in the past couple of years. Hinting at what the vehicle will be, Mays stated that by examining Ford's current lineup in North America and looking at what has to be replaced we simply have to "put two and two together".