Mansory GmbH, a tuner specializing in customizing ultra-luxury cars such as the Mercedes-McLaren SLR and the Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe, have announced that they have "absorbed" the Porsche tuning division of Rinspeed - the same company that brought you the James Bond Inspired sQuba submersible car.

From what we can gather, only the Porsche tuning division of Rinspeed has been solf off to Mansory, which means that Rinspeed's other activities (namely creating outrageous project cars) should be left alone. Rinspeed's founder and CEO, Frank M. Rinderknecht, stated that once the Porsche tuning division has been sold it will allow Rinspeed to concentrate on project vehicles, as well as "services for the automotive industry and the end consumer".

Out of the acquisition will come a newly established company, Mansory (Switzerland) AG. The new Mansory corporation will be operating from the Rinspeed-headquarters in Zumikon based near the lake of Zürich. According to Mansory, it's main focus will be the development and the worldwide marketing of customization programs for various Porsche models. Furthermore Mansory Switzerland will take over the distribution of the customization programs of the Mansory Cooperation GmbH for Switzerland. This concerns customizing vehicles from manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, McLaren SLR and Rolls Royce, with which Mansory already has a reputation.

Meanwhile, Rinspeed claims that it will keep itself firmly entrenched in the automotive industry, with plans to explore alternative and innovative fuels and drive systems, automotive "vision and emotions". They will also continue with customizing concepts for the automotive industry and private customers.