Lexus has used this week’s Sydney Motor Show to present a new sports concept car based on its IS250 sedan fitted with the full gamut of F-Sport performance accessories unveiled last year, plus several new items. Aptly named the IS250 Sports Concept, the show car features everything from a new styling kit to upgraded brakes, and even a short-shifter kit for its manual transmission.

Most of the upgrades are already available at Lexus dealers and can be fitted before delivery, complete with a full factory-backed warranty. BMW offers a similar range of upgrades through its Performance Parts line, and Nissan, too, has recently launched a range of Nismo upgrades for the GT-R supercar.

The new IS Sports Concept, meanwhile, features uprated brakes (six-piston callipers at the front and four-piston at rear), new shock absorbers, sway bars, chassis braces, and air intakes, a heavy-duty clutch, a short shift kit, high-flow exhaust, 19in forged alloys, a carbon-fiber engine cover and unique spoilers both front and back.

The new shock absorbers and springs have been co-developed with Bilstein and provide a firmer ride, increased stability and reduced body roll. Body roll and chassis flex is further reduced with the adoption of the sway bars and chassis brace.

Under the bonnet, the concept features a performance air intake that results in a 3% power increase. An extra 1.5% power boost is sourced from the stainless steel exhaust system. The manual short shift kit, meanwhile, is claimed to reduce fore and aft gearshift movement by as much as 35%, and the performance clutch delivers a 16% improvement in clamping force.

Lexus says the Sports Concept is still being investigated for production as a complete package but its full list of accessories is expected to be offered for sale within the coming months.