Late last year, reports emerged claiming Volkswagen was working on three separate sports-oriented versions of the popular Golf hatchback. The first of these we've already seen in the form of the recently launched GTI, and this spring the second star of the trio, the GTD oil-burner, was revealed ahead of its debut at the Leipzig Motor Show. Today, the car is officially on sale in Germany, accompanied by a sheaf of new photos.

The GTD features a 2.0L turbodiesel engine with 170hp (127kW) and 258lb-ft (350Nm) of torque. This engine will fully comply with tough Euro 5 emissions standards, yet still accelerate the car from 0-100km/h in 8.1 seconds when equipped with VW’s six-speed DSG (a six-speed manual is also available). At full-throttle, the GTD will be able to reach a top speed of around 222km/h.

While the acceleration figures don’t seem that impressive for the GTD, the torquey nature of the engine and low-end pulling power should ensure performance fans won’t be too disappointed - the peak torque of 258lb-ft (350Nm) comes on at just 1,750rpm. However, fuel consumption is where the GTD really shines, with a claimed fuel-economy of 44.4mpg (5.3L/100km) for the European cycle – a marked improvement over the GTI's more thirsty figures of 31mpg (7.4L/100km). Combine this with the car’s 55L fuel tank and theoretically it will be able to drive over 1,000km on a single fill.

Other features of the car include a unique rear diffuser, dual exhaust pipes, a chrome grille, 17in alloys and a sports chassis. Production for the GTD will start next month, with sales following soon after that.

Luckily for Golf fans, the GTD is not the last of the hot Golfs - VW has one more card up its sleeve in the form of the upcoming 'R' variant of the Golf, set to replace the current VW Golf R32. Details are scarce, however early reports are claiming the car will be fitted with a 270hp (201kW) engine churning out power to all four wheels - 22hp (16kW) more than the outgoing R32. The engine is expected to be a four-cylinder turbo model, unlike the R32 which used a naturally aspirated V6.

There's no definitive word yet on whether VW will bring the GTD to the U.S., though rumors are circulating that hint it's under consideration. Check out the 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTD gallery below to see the new photos of the car.