We previously reported on this small roadster that was being developed in a partnership between Audi and the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM. In a recent interview with KTM boss, Stefan Pierer, Austria’s Standard newspaper managed to gather some important insights on the new car. Instead of the original plan to distribute the roadster through a network of Audi dealers, the car is more likely to be sold as a Volkswagen. This could be the reason that VW canned production plans for its similar, three-wheeled GX3 concept, which we reported on earlier today.

The roadster is set for a Spring 2007 launch with production of the car designated to KTM’s plant in Graz, Austria. The company expects to produce only 1000 units per year due to capacity limits at its factory. Depending on how popular the vehicle sells, KTM is willing to take on more employees to bump up the numbers. Sadly, this low output means the car will be limited to a few select European countries only.

Cars like the KTM roadster offer high-adrenaline thrills for very little money. It will offer the white-knuckle fun of a superbike with the road holding stability of a car, and then there’s the excellent fuel economy. We can’t wait to see more of the big car companies developing cars like this.


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