IBM and Magna Electronics have struck a deal to jointly develop technologies that will improve vehicle safety and functionality. Magna Electronics specializes in vehicle electronics systems and IBM’s expertise in the computer world is well known around the world. The collaboration between the two is already expected to develop some fantastic new technologies that will be instrumental in foregrounding the role of active safety. Examples of technologies that may be developed include “intelligent headlights that automatically adapt to street and weather conditions; sensors and cameras that alert drivers to hazards, react to road signs and traffic lights and automatically initiate collision-avoidance measures; and cockpit-integrated infotainment systems.” These are all useful in their own right, but when combined with the advancements in passive safety over the years will mean that we will be driving the safest (and smartest) cars ever.

Adalio Sanchez of IBM said that "Advanced vehicle electronics and software have become crucial to automakers and their ability to differentiate their products in an increasingly competitive marketplace," the evidence of this we’ve already seen with Mercedes’ new active safety technologies, as well as all the major manufacturers jumping to include iPod sockets for all their cars.

Hopefully with this collaboration we will see similar integration of technology into improving cars, not only safety wise, but also in terms of functionality and user-friendliness.

[Source: EE Times]