Peugeot has unveiled the sports edition of the 207, dubbed the 207 GT. The car is slated to be on sale in December of this year. Unfortunately there will not be a range-topping 207 RC as we had originally hoped, and it seems that Peugeot enthusiasts will have to do with the 207 GT. Still, while the GT is no maniac sports car, it does have the ability to be driven in a spirited manner without running up a huge fuel bill. This is because its 150hp are provided by a 1.6L engine built in collaboration with BMW.

The 207 GT hits the 62mph mark in 8.1 seconds, with a top speed of 130mph but still manages to maintain a frugal fuel consumption rate of 7L/100km.

It also has many new features such as ESP, a rear-view camera, a parking-aid system, anti-fog lights and 17 inch rims to give it that sporty look.

Motor.Terra | Via Autoblog