AutoSpies is reporting that BMW is getting ready to launch their Individual program in the US at the Miami motor show next month, and one of the customisations you’ll be able to pick is a leather top for your M6 convertible.

The Individual program has had great success overseas with well-heeled clients being able to pick almost any mod to be done to their BMW and still have it covered under the full factory warranty. It’s been available in Europe since 1992 and covers options like special paint and upholstery colors, custom woodgrain, and even two-tone body work. Electronic options like mini-fridges and DVD players are also available. BMW has expressed its interest in bringing the Individual program to the US in the past, but has been held back by difficulties in placing orders through their dealer network.

While the leather roof idea is sure to attract a lot of attention, we’re not sure how well it would stand up to the elements.

Read more about the BMW Individual program here, or head over to AutoSpies for more images of this special M6.