You may remember our previous story about the BMW 335i being run on a dynometer and displaying some impressive figures. In the earlier tests, the 335i made 275hp and 406Nm torque at the wheels. Estimating drive-train loss of roughly 15-25%, this equates at close to 320hp-350hp and 480Nm of torque at the flywheel.

Automobile mag went back to the dynometer and tested the 335i again, this time under cooler conditions that would yield better figures. The 335i managed to get 285hp, then 282hp, and finally 287hp, which is even more impressive than the last unit. Finally, they found one case where the 335i peaked at almost 300hp at the wheels, which puts actual output at close to 375hp. It looks like BMW engineers have seriously underrated this engine.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]