A 42 year old UK man has shelled out £14,000 on a 1974 Sabre light reconnaissance tank that he uses in daily traffic, according to a report from the UK's Daily Mail. Down the roads near his home in Winsford, Cheshire, owner Stephen Ellison can reach speeds of up to 40mph in the tank that previously did duty in Kosovo.

Costing £500,000 when brand new, the 4.2L tank includes a deactivated 30mm cannon plus new rubber tracks, instead of the original metal ones, to protect the roads. The tank is fully covered with a classic military vehicle insurance policy that costs only £165 a year, but has a costly fuel bill at £300 per fill on regular unleaded.

Ellison’s previous toys included a military assault boat that he gave up when he got married, as well as a 1986 military Land Rover and a 1996 Honda XR250 motorbike used by the Special Forces. And what do the neighbors think? "When we saw the tank we thought it was police coming up at last with a real response in dealing with anti-social behavior in the town."