Security companies that modify vehicles into armored bulletproof bombshelters on wheels are always very tight-lipped surrounding even the most minor details of their cars. It must be very disappointing as well as frightening to the companies involved and the German people to hear that thieves have stolen confidential technical information about the armored limousines used by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other top politicians.

The article from German newspaper, Der Spiegel, mentions that the burglars broke into Volkswagen offices and picked up several laptop computers containing secret specifications of armored limousines used by several key German politicians, not to mention the Chancellor.

Some of the key details that are now in the hands of the crooks include info about the armored vehicle's weight and what type of bullets it can withstand. Along with the missing laptops were several LCD monitors, which suggests that the thieves were just small time crooks and not international secret agents. Now that the old car isn't quite as secure any more, may we suggest that the politicians upgrade to the armored bulletproof Bentley?