Several Chinese auto makers are determined to establish themselves in the US, namely the Geely Corporation who plans to sell vehicles over here by as early as 2008. The company is expected to make a strong showing at January’s NAIAS in Detroit, after enjoying significant interest at its debut during last year’s show.

The Chinese still have a bad image in the US, mainly because their vehicles have no brand recognition nor do they comply with the latest environmental and safety standards. Nevertheless, Geely is positive it can deliver a suitable car for under $10,000 to be sold in shopping centers, with up to 100,000 units on sale nationally over the next five years. The move may even spur on several other Chinese car manufacturers including Chery, Landwind, and SAIC.

Geely originally hoped to be selling its cars by the end of this year, but decided to hold back after the huge sales flop one of its competitors managed in Europe. A Jeep off-road style vehicle suffered the worst ever safety rating when it was tested by the General German Automobile Association in 2006 and subsequently achieved dismal sales results. However, it’s only a matter of time until buyers, lured by the cheap entry price, go crazy over Chinese cars, just as they have done with Korean and Japanese brands in the past.