Could this be the face of Peugeot’s new 4007 crossover? Looking at these supposedly official images, it’s clear that the new car features trademark Peugeot design cues lifted from its more recent concepts. Namely, the centred bonnet bulge, which leads to its nose-like logo, as well as the large gaping mouth grille. The 4007 will be based on the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV, which will spawn the C7 crossover from Citroën. Both French cars will be built alongside the Outlander at Mitsu’s Okazaki plant in Japan.

Peugeot hasn’t released any official details about the new car, but we know that its mechanicals will remain almost identical to the Outlander. Expect Mitsubishi’s AWC intelligent transmission drive system and a 170hp 2.4L petrol engine in base form. Two diesel motors will also feature, including a 2.0L and 2.2L HDi. The 4007’s official debut is expected to be at next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

The 4007 will be a niche vehicle for Peugeot as the company ventures into the 4x4 world for the first time. Initial production is expected to be roughly 30,000 units per year with pricing under €30,000.