A recent survey of motorists in the UK found that it’s harder to please women than men in regards to cars and car ownership. The survey was conducted by J.D. Power and Associates for the website evecars.com, and included up to 15,000 motorists, revealing that women were almost always less satisfied with both their cars and ownership than their male counterparts.

There were 70 questions in total, ranging from personal likes and dislikes, problems with the car and the quality of service from dealerships, not to mention running costs. Overall, the results do bode well for the auto industry. The survey found that on average, 78.3 percent of women were completely satisfied compared with 79.6 percent of men. It also found that women reported 212 problems per 100 vehicles compared to men with only 191.

Reasons put forward for the results include claims that men in general buy more expensive cars, which provide a better experience over the less expensive and more often practical cars that women tend to buy. Others also point out that men tend to be easy to please and are less discerning in their purchases. Either way, this is great news for us. We thought our long list of of failed relationships had to do with issues like not being "intimate enough," or "emotionally there," but it turns out women are just plain harder to please.