German tuner Gemballa has been in the business of making fast cars faster since 1981. Now, the company based in the town of Leonberg, located just outside of Stuttgart, is preparing to develop its own car, and naturally it's going to be a supercar.

A preview sketch was released Wednesday and hints at an aggressive, track-focused car with a mid-engine layout. Gemballa is in the process of securing financial backing for the project and will present the final design to potential buyers shortly.

Gemballa boss Steffen Korbach said the car will boast over 800 horsepower, and that buyers can look forward to an “uncompromising vehicle, radical, pure and luxurious.”

No other performance claims were mentioned, but as a reference, a 911 Turbo tuned by Gemballa to deliver 818 hp can hit 62 mph in 2.38 seconds and top out at 230 mph.

Gemballa aims to have the first prototype on display as early as next year and if all goes to plan will start production in 2022.

The company was founded by Uwe Gemballa, who was murdered in South Africa in 2010. Following the death of the founder, Gemballa ran into difficulties but saved by Korbach and other investors, who have since injected close to $17 million in the business and currently plan a further $22.5 million worth of investment. The launch of the supercar will mark Gemballa's transition from a pure tuner to a low-volume automaker, similar to rival German firm Ruf, which also tunes Porsches and has built its own line of supercars under the CTR name.