GM will introduce a remote-control key fob next April that provides drivers with information about their car’s tire pressures, odometer and fuel levels, whether the doors are locked and even the ability to change the radio station, all remotely. The device will cost $150, and will initially be available as an option with Cadillac Escalade luxury SUVs and other full-size GM SUVs, pickups and crossovers.

GM was one of the first companies to offer remote start features, fist seen in the 2004 Chevrolet Malibu, and this time it’ll be the first to offer a key-fob with an LCD that displays vehicle information. Other manufacturers offer keys that will operate the power windows, change memory settings and reset seats, mirrors, stereo and other functions.

Volvo is planning a keyless entry system for its new S80 sedan due in February that can detect a heartbeat and alert the driver if someone is lurking inside the car. In case you’re worried that it’ll cost a fortune to replace one of these high-tech keys, GM claims it will only cost $100 to replace if it's lost or broken and even then it’s very difficult to damage it. For testing, it's been dropped, dunked underwater and sprayed with saltwater.

[Source: USA Today]