You may remember a report that a cargo ship carrying almost 5000 US and Canada bound Mazdas on board had keeled over. Earlier Mazda had announced that they would not be selling any of the recovered vehicles as new, and instead would inform consumers of the origin of the vehicles. Now, Mazda has decided to scrap them all.

“After thorough testing by engineers from our North American and Japanese R&D centers, we decided the most appropriate course of action – with our customers foremost in mind – was not to sell any of the 4,703 Mazdas aboard the ship,” said Jim O’Sullivan, President and CEO of Mazda USA.

The Cougar Ace sat listing at more than 60-degrees for nearly a month after an incident at sea, before it could be towed to the Port of Portland for repairs and to have its cargo off-loaded.

O’Sullivan added that although some of the Mazdas aboard the Cougar Ace showed little or no visible damage from being tied-down at severe angles for an extended period, the potential for future problems led the company to reconsider its initial decision to sell any of the vehicles as used.