The European Parliament agreed on a new law that would standardize all 110 licenses currently in use by drivers in the European Union.

Under the ‘old’ system, it was possible to exploit a loophole and gain a license in a country even after your license had been revoked in another country. In order to seal this loophole, the standardized system will create a blanket ban on dangerous drivers which means that if you are banned from driving in one EU country, it applies to the entire EU.

The changes in the law will come into effect in 2013, however old licenses have until 2033 until they have to be handed in.

The European Parliament also plans to introduce a graduated licensing scheme for motorcyclists. New laws will see beginner riders only permitted to ride small displacement bikes until they are deemed competent.

By introducing staged progression into motorcycling as well as a standardized license, the European Parliament intends to reduce the death toll on the roads and improve road safety throughout the EU - although we are predicting that 2012 may be a bad year for road safety in the EU.