German magazine Auto Zeitung has spilled more information on BMW’s upcoming X6 Coupe, a sporty version of the hugely successful X5. Scheduled for release in the beginning of 2008, the X6 will share the same four-door coupe styling made so popular by the CLS, but will do so on the same platform as the X5. Being a “fun SUV,” the X6 will come with a more driver-oriented interior and range of powerful engines. The relationship between the X5 and X6 will be the same as the 5 and 6-series – more sporting and upscale. BMW’s goal is to target the Porsche Cayenne by having a vehicle that is both more fun to drive and cheaper to boot.

The X6 will get engines from the cream of the crop, including the following already found in BMW’s other offerings:

Twin-turbo 3.0L diesel with 286hp

Twin-turbo 3.0L petrol with 300hp

4.8L petrol V8 with 367hp

Further down the track, it’s expected to get a turbocharged V8 developing 420hp, which should propel it to 100km/h in under six seconds. AZ is also reporting BMW won’t be making a M version of the X6 because all-wheel-drive doesn’t fit in with the M-philosophy. All models will get a 6-speed auto gearbox with the new joystick-style shifter found in the facelifted X5 and soon to be in the facelifted 5-series.

With luxury car manufacturers increasingly resorting to niche vehicles to spur growth, it looks like the next couple of years will be busy in the SUV/crossover space. Audi will be releasing the Q5 and Mercedes will have the GLK. Game on.