Hamann has given the normally cute-looking Mini a going over and the result is a sinister looking hatchback. Based on the latest-generation Mini, which was announced in August, the Hamann modification comes with a front spoiler to reduce lift, a pair of side sills with integrated, brushed aluminum doorsills, and a two-piece rear diffuser. Hamann also offers the flag decals shown in the above picture, but we think you’d be better off leaving it off the option list.

Underneath, the Mini MKII gets a twin-pipe sports rear silencer, with two round stainless steel tailpipes (each 90 mm in diameter). A sportier air intake sound is created by the HAMANN sports air filter, and can be fitted to both the Cooper and Cooper S versions. Also new is the height-adjustable coilover suspension, which allows you to lower your Mini by up to 50 mm at the front, and up to 30 mm at the rear. On top of this, you can pick the obligatory interior and wheel modifications.

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