Mazda has finally dropped the embargo on its Ryuga concept and we can now present to you the vehicle in all its glory. Following on from the Nagare, which was displayed at the L.A. Auto Show, the Ryuga is, according to its designers, “the next step in the evolution of Nagare.” Japanese for “gracious flow,” the Ryuga concept features a windswept design with no square edges whatsoever.

The Ryuga features a wheel at each corner design, an aggressive wedge shape and flared arches wrapped around huge 21-inch wheels. Video cameras mounted on the roof relay images to the floating center cockpit display screen instead of regular side-view mirrors. Turn signals are also integrated into these protruding accents.

Design inspiration was taken from elements in nature such as the headlamp shape that is said to resemble the flow of morning dew dropping from bamboo leaves. The high-tech looking units feature LEDs and fluorescent tubing to give a unique look. Inside, passengers are treated to a lounge-style seat in the rear, especially handy for passionate evenings, with conventional bucket seats in the front. Hopefully the Ryuga truly is a sign of things to come in future Mazda production cars.


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