A body known as the Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation (HERF) is proposing a 500 mile race that’s scheduled for May of 2009 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. AutoWeek reports that the event hasn’t been confirmed, but if successful, the race is tipped to revolutionize motorsport and could usher in a new era where race cars are as enviro-friendly as they are fast.

The race cars would be fuel cell powered electric vehicles that weigh less than 900kg and are powered by 400hp (298kW) hydrogen fuel cell drivetrains. According to its developers, motorsport would be the best proving ground and convincer for the viability of the clean technology.

At its inaugural presentation, HERF drew interest from executives from most of the major car manufacturers including the likes of Audi, General Motors, Honda and Toyota. Even tire manufacturers Bridgestone-Firestone and Michelin were present.

The event is to be called the Hydrogen 500 and will include a planned three races in 2010 followed by five rounds in 2011. We should have more information in roughly three months when a signed letter of intent to compete is due.