Update: It looks like the original report by Auto News didn't have the full explanation of Wendelin Wiedeking's quotes. When referring to "no toys anymore" he was actually talking about cars such as the VW Phaeton. Since Bentley and Lamborghini are already making a profit there are no plans to shut them down. Still no word on Bugatti, though. VW is unlikely to ever recoup development costs for the million dollar Veyron hypercar. Original story below.

Despite recent rumours about new Lamborghini and Bugatti models, both companies may not remain under the wing of the VW group for long enough to bring these models to market. We’ve previously reported that Porsche was considering buying the Audi group but it seems this plan has been changed. Now, Porsche will manoeuvre to have more of a say on the VW board, with Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking campaigning to get a third seat out of twenty.

His goal is to make VW a competitor for Toyota and a valuable partner for Porsche when it comes to sharing common components, platforms, and technical data. His opinion is that VW is a goldmine but "you have to dig day and night." With the focus on improving efficiencies there’s no place for exotic brands like Lamborghini and Bugatti that soak up valuable development money, time, and engineers. Wiedeking has been quoted as saying "no toys anymore" in a recent report by Automotive News and we’ve got a feeling he usually gets what he wants.