JE DESIGN is a German tuning house that specializes in customizing cars from Spanish brand SEAT. Their latest project is the new SEAT Leon 1 P "FR," which takes the regular hatch to new heights in both style and power. The core of the modifications is the power boost to the 2.0 TDI engine. Instead of 125 kW (170bhp), it now generates a solid 142 kW (193bhp) with a torque increase from 85 to a massive 410 Nm. For the gasoline version, an electronic power boost sees the new 2.0 TFSI pump out a healthy 180 kW (244bhp) with a torque boost up to 355 Nm at 1,850 rpm.

To complete the package, the tuners added a set of 19inch multispoke wheels, lowered the suspension by 35mm and installed four-pot sports calipers to the front discs. Visually, the car features a new front grille that’s absent of any brand logo. Eye-lids for the headlights give an aggressive look as well as the addition of new sporty bumpers with massive air intakes.

One feature we’re sure will not be to every one's taste are the vertical lifting Lamborghini style doors. At least this part of the package remains optional. Considering that these cars are the standard versions of the Leon, it will be interesting to see what JE DESIGN can do to the already potent Leon CUPRA 2.0 TFSI.

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