Jaguar’s upcoming XF lineup will feature two force-fed models for the first time, breaking with the tradition where a supercharger was reserved for the potent ‘R’ series of vehicles only. UK’s Autocar is reporting that the S-type replacement will be launched with a 420bhp 4.2L V8 engine at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show. This car will forgo the performance ‘R’ labeling and is also likely to do without the sporty bodykit and flashy wheels.

The high-performance ‘R’ version of the XF is planned for launch in early 2010 and it’s rumored to sport an all-new supercharged 5.0L V8 developing around the 460bhp mark. Both V8 engines are being designed from the ground up, with only minor basic design concepts being borrowed from the previous AJ-V8 series of engines. The new V8 engines are also expected to filter down into the XK range to give the coupe a serious performance boost.

Lower spec versions of the XF saloon will carry forward with the current six-cylinder engine, but this is expected to be replaced with inline sixes sourced from Volvo. A new 3.2L I6 that has V8-like performance is said to be on the cards.