BMW has bought the John Cooper Works (JCW) label from the from the Cooper family, the maker of tuning kits and accessories for the Mini line of cars. Autoweek is reporting that the move will allow BMW to release its own Cooper branded performance parts to be sold on future Minis.

Mike Cooper, who met with BMW to strike the deal, set up the JCW performance house to make tuning kits for the new Mini and originally sold the parts through Mini dealers. They became so popular that BMW began installing the accessories directly on the production line.

The most potent package that the JCW offers is a 210bhp tuning kit for the Mini Cooper S. It consist primarily of a new supercharger with Teflon-coated vanes, a new cylinder head, and a free-flow exhaust system. The benefits of the JCW modifications is that they're fully covered by the factory warranty.