The new owner of TVR was announced today as none other than its previous owner, 23-year old Russian boy Nikolai Smolenski. If you’ve been following the trials and tribulations of TVR, you’ll know that it has experienced more drama than a Shakespearean tragedy. Plant shutdowns, massive layoffs, and a possible tie-up with Italian coach-builder Bertone are all part of the TVR story.

Smolenski previously split the company into two, forming the TVR trademark group and the separate Blackpool Automotive. The move saved TVR’s assets including its trademarks, vehicle stock, work-in-progress, and its manufacturing plant and equipment from administrators, while the assets of the offshoot company, Blackpool Automotive, was fully liquidated earlier this year.

Another notable mention in the running to purchase TVR was top engine designer Al Melling, but in the end, Smolenski’s company came in with the highest offer. The future of TVR is questionable, but it’s likely Smolenski intends to continue his plan to move production of the crazy supercars to Italy.