After just repurchasing the rights to the TVR brand last week, its current owner Nikolai Smolenski is reported to have sold it again, this time to a pair of Florida businessmen. Adam Burdette and Jean Michel Santacreu, who live in Orlando, initially contacted TVR 18 months ago for a possible import deal, but now it’s thought they have bought out the company. Their plan would see TVR become a “virtual car company,” with only the brand name, its UK-based management team and roughly 20 engineers remaining.

Up to 5000 cars could be built per year, and the Florida-duo claim they already have 2000 firm orders in the US. The deal would also mean that less than 500 cars would be sold in the UK, with the bulk of cars being sold to dealers across America.

Currently, UK’s Ricardo Engineering is said to be supplying the engines, while Italy’s Bertone is expected to complete the final assembly of cars. If all goes to plan, we may even see production start in less than three months with the first cars being released set to be updated versions of the Sagaris and Tuscan.

Via Autoblog