Riding a wave of booming sales, prestige automaker Lexus is considering adding two new models to enter the burgeoning crossover segment as well as a third, hybrid vehicle. Lexus has admitted to “studying” the segments, which means the new vehicles are more likely to enter production than not. According to Automotive News, the expected models will be a seven-seater crossover larger than the RX330, another compact crossover smaller than the RX330, and finally, an all-new hybrid car with a unique body.

The first vehicle to appear on the market is likely to be the seven-seater crossover that’s expected to pickup design cues from the LF-X concept pictured above, displayed back in 2003. The vehicle will be based on the platform used for the GS sedan, and it will be sold alongside the upcoming replacement for the GX SUV.

The compact crossover will compete against a flood of new premium soft roaders from the German marques, including BMW’s X3, Volkswagen’s Tiguan and its Audi Q5 sibling, as well as Mercedes' upcoming GLK-Class. Finally, there's the new hybrid car that's expected to be a standalone model similar to the Toyota Prius.

The ensuing years will be very busy for Lexus with the possible addition of these new models, as well as the launch of the new performance F label kicking off with the new IS-F. This is expected to be followed by a performance version of the GS sedan, a new coupe version of the IS and of course, the LF-A supercar.