In a surprise move, TVR’s former owner Nikolai Smolenski repurchased the assets and trademark rights to the former Blackpool based sports carmaker last week, only to sell it immediately to a pair of Florida businessmen. It’s been suggested the move was a shrewd business decision that allowed Smolenski to avoid massive redundancy payments to the 300 odd staff. We finally have some insight into the fiasco that is the TVR saga thanks to an interview conducted by CAR Magazine with the two new Florida-based owners and young Russian tycoon.

The American duo, Adam Burdette and Jean Michel Santacreu, are likely to take full control of the firm with Smolenski expected to permanently end his relationship with TVR and return to his home in Austria. He knows the TVR workforce is mad at him, admitting “they should be mad at me. I accept the blame.” Smolenski blames the British government for the downfall of the firm, citing the lack of support he received from the Blackpool authorities.

The future of TVR now lies in the US and Asia. Santacrue and Burdette plan to intially sell up to 2000 units in the US, but a new production facility has yet to be secured. In the running are Italian coachbuilders Bertone or Pininfarina, and an announcement is expected by the end of the month. TVR will still manage to maintain its British roots thanks to the supply of engines and gearboxes form UK engineering firm Ricardo and a retained team of 20 designers and engineers also from the UK.