Oklahoma Global Motors, the American side of a joint-venture determined to manufacture MG cars in the US, will continue with its plans despite the resignation of its CEO. Automotive News reports that Duke Hale has quit from his post as CEO along with two other top managers, but key investor Marc Nuttle is confident that the project will go ahead as scheduled.

Oklahoma Global Motors has partnered with China’s Nanjing Auto to build the MG TF sports coupe using car bodies sourced from the UK with drivetrains manufactured in the US by Nanjing. Nuttle expects the final licensing agreements to be signed by the end of the month.

It’s thought the reasons for the management departure centers around the downsizing of the company’s original plans. Hale wanted MG to sell up to 100,000 units by the end of the decade, but the costs involved in meeting emissions and safety standards for the required additional models would have outweighed the benefits.

The partnership will instead produce only 20,000 cars in the US and another 20,000 in the UK over the next two to three years and expects to launch the brand in the US midway through next year. If successful, Nuttle expects to see the introduction of "three or four models and a hybrid car and 50 dealers at launch."