General Motors’ Buick brand is in desperate need for attention and is plagued with an image of being an older person’s label. To spruce up the dreary image, Buick will inject its two sedan models with a sporty flavor and also launch its new Enclave SUV. Buick has a lot riding on these latest models. Its general manager Steve Shannon admitted that “Buick can't afford to let those efforts fizzle,” adding that 2007 was a crucial year in determining the survivability of the label.

According to The Detroit News, Buick sales are down more than 40% since 2002 and that it has even been described by GM’s own Bob Lutz as a “damaged brand,” which may have to be phased out. To combat the downturn, Buick is expected to revitalize its ‘Super’ labeling for souped-up versions of the Lucerne and LaCrosse sedans towards the end of this year. The new Super models will feature an upgraded chassis, more power and unique interior features and trim. Final details should be released closer to the launch of the 2008 model LaCrosse, which is planned to make a showing at next month’s New York Auto Show.

GM will be streamlining the brand and removing slow sellers like the Terraza minivan and Rainier midsize SUV, which will end production in the following months. We may also see GM combine its Buick dealers with Pontiac and GMC in the near future.