General Motors in the US will once again call on its European cohort for its latest addition to the Saturn lineup. Starting from 2009, US customers will be able to sample the Vectra Caravan, which will be sold alongside its Saturn Aura sedan sibling. The first cars are scheduled to roll out of Opel’s Rüsselsheim plant in Germany in 2009 with an allotted 50,000 cars being shipped across the Atlantic.

The introduction is part of GM’s push to offer more fuel efficient cars in its lineup. Both the Aura and its new wagon cousin are important vehicles for Saturn and form the basis of the brand’s rejuvenation as a profitable label that can compete with other European imports.

Before the wagon arrives, Opel’s Astra hatch will hit showrooms in the US with the first orders shipping later this year. It doesn’t end there. Saturn execs are planning for the introduction of even more European designed models, with some cars, including the next-generation Opel Corsa, tipped to enter production in the US.