Honda is working on a high-volume hybrid model for launch before the end of the decade, which could possibly sell for around €20,000. Its release will follow several months after the launch of Honda’s first hybrid sports coupe in 2009 with production expected to top 200,000 units per year. Honda CEO Takeo Fukui mentioned last year that a volume hybrid was in development but there had been no other mention of the vehicle until now.

The senior vice president of Honda Motor Europe, Ken Keir, told reporters from Automotive News in a recent interview that the new hybrid will be a family-targeted model and be offered to worldwide markets at prices below those of current hybrids.

It will also be a unique hybrid-only model, which meant developers could optimise the packaging and efficiency of the new design to suit a hybrid instead of having to compromise between the eco-friendly cars and conventional gasoline-only versions.

As for the small hybrid sports car, Keir revealed that the final design is not even close to the concept vehicle Honda displayed at March’s Geneva Motor Show but will instead be “much more like the Remix sporty small car concept (pictured) shown at the Los Angeles auto show in November.”